How to use: Treatment Overview

Movymia® (teriparatide) is injected once a day using the Movymia® (teriparatide) pen device. At the start of your treatment you will insert a cartridge which will need to be changed every 28 days for the duration of your treatment – up to 2 years.

The following steps on this website will explain how Movymia® (teriparatide) is used. It is crucially important that you stay on your treatment as prescribed by your doctor for up to 2 years.

Write down the date of the first injection with each new cartridge so that you know when the 28 daily doses per cartridge are all used.

Useful tips:

  • Administer Movymia® (teriparatide) alongside a regular activity, like brushing your teeth.
  • Set a daily reminder on your phone or calendar.
  • Pin a note somewhere easily visible, such as your fridge.

Pen preparation:
first use/changing cartridges

using the pen

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Movymia® (teriparatide)

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Reporting of side effects. If you experience any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in the package leaflet. ▼ This medicine is subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information. You can help by reporting any side effects you may experience. You can report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme at Side effects should also be reported to Thornton and Ross Limited by emailing or by calling 01484 848164.

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