Storing Your Movymia® (teriparatide)

Whilst at home, store your treatment in your fridge

Once you have used your Movymia® (teriparatide) pen, reattach the cap and store in the refrigerator.

Keep unused cartridges in the outer cartons to protect them from light. Once removed and inserted into your pen, store the pen and cartridge in the fridge between 2°C and 8°C. As long as it is refrigerated, the cartridge can be used for up to 28 days after the first injection.


Do not use your medicine if:

  • it freezes. To avoid this, be careful not to place the cartridge near the ice compartment.
  • you notice solid particles or the solution is cloudy or coloured
  • the expiry date on the carton and cartridge has passed
  • your fridge has failed

In any of these circumstances, please contact your clinician and homecare company to arrange a replacement.

All medicines should be stored out of sight and reach of children.

Whilst travelling, store your treatment in your cool bag

You should have been offered a cool bag when you started your Movymia® (teriparatide) treatment. If you don’t have one, please contact your homecare company.

The cool bag contains a cooling gel pack to maintain the temperature of your medicine and space to safely store your pen with a cartridge installed and spare needles.

Using the cool bag, your medicine can be transported for up to 12 hours (at an external temperature below 25°C). Once you arrive at your destination, place your medicine in a refrigerator and refreeze the gel pack.


If you are flying, ensure the cool bag is in your hand luggage and visible to security.

Do not store any other items, such as food, in the cool bag.

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Movymia® (teriparatide)

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